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Skye Hughes

Author of  ' We are All in this Together '  

Humans are natural storytellers, and we all have multi-storied lives. In my eyes, they are the primary form in which the human experience is made meaningful. Our young people are just beginning to write the first chapters of their story, and this time in history will live vividly in their minds - influencing their perception of the world in ways we can’t possibly understand yet. Facilitating conversations with young people about important things happening in the world is essential to normalising their emotions and experiences. The questions, worries and uncertainty that arise for us as adults are taken on board by the highly perceptive little people in our homes and classrooms. As our students and children write this chapter of their lives, we can assist through creating a safe and nurturing space for them to acknowledge their emotions, foster resilience building and deepen their understanding of empathy and the concept of community.

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